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The mission of Kensington Creative & Performing Arts High School is to provide our students with a rigorous academic program and comprehensive educational experience in a safe, supportive learning environment, which will prepare them for post-secondary studies, careers, and opportunities in the academic and expressive arts fields.

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Policy 907 School Visitors and Administrative Procedures

The Administrative Procedures for Policy 907 School Visitors has been updated to include the usage of ScholarChip Visitor Management System Kiosks (VMS) in all District schools and can be found here. This will allow schools to record visitor entries, while maintaining a history of visitors that have checked-in and checked-out.

Visitors will register at the VMS using: driver’s license, DMV identification card, or register manually if they do not have the necessary license/ID. Visitors will have their photograph taken by the VMS camera. The photo will be automatically stored internally and used to print badges on future visits. To learn more about this procedure, visit the VMS Resources website:

Additional information regarding the time frame, setup, and more can be found on the VMS FAQ website:

Policy 907 School Visitors: