KCAPA Health Room

Patricia Krupa, CSN RN

Welcome to the Kensington CAPA HS Virtual Health Room

My name is Patricia Krupa and I am KCAPA’s school nurse. I have been the nurse here since the school opened in 2010. I’ve been a school nurse for over 20 yrs. My previous experience includes working as a teacher. As a School District of Philadelphia certified school nurse, I am prepared to keep your children safe as we return to the building. We can do this!

Welcome, KCAPA!

I am the school nurse, (Ms. Krupa). If you need to reach me, the best way to do so is through email. My email is pkrupa@philasd.org

As we begin the 2020-21 School Year, I’ve attached several forms that you may need to have completed at your child’s doctor appointments.

For ALL students:

Each year, the district and state require that every student complete the Student Health Status Form (S865). This form provides valuable information regarding your son/daughter’s health condition. This form also provides permission for your child to opt-out or take Tylenol/ and or ibuprofen during the school day. The S865 form is attached. Please print it out, complete it and mail it back to pkrupa@philasd.org

Immunization Requirements:

All students are required to be up to date with there immunizations. Please be sure that your child is up to date with all required district and state requirements on the first day of school, and turned in during registration. All Incomplete vaccines are due by the 5th day admission date or an appointment date is required for admission to the school. A copy of the required immunization schedule is attached.

By the time students enter the 12th Grade/16 years old, they are required to have a second Meningitis Vaccine (MCV4) or booster. Please check your child’s records and make an appointment with yur child’s provider if necessary.

Physical Examinations:

All 11th Grade students are required to have a physical examination by their primary doctor. Please be sure to schedule an appointment with your child’s doctor and have the MEH-1 Form completed at the visit.

For all students who require MEDICATION OR TREATMENTS to be given in school:

Any student that is required to take medication or receive treatment during the school day, (such as asthma inhalers, diabetes medications, ADHD or seizure medications, etc) must have a MED-1  Form filled out by their doctor. Please request a specific form for Seizures and Asthma medications.

Some students may require a temporary or long term GYM EXEMPTION:

For any student that has a diagnosed medical condition and is unable to fully participate in physical education upon return to the school building, please ask the doctor to complete the MEH-23 Form.

Upon completion of all forms, please scan them and then email them to me at pkrupa@philasd.org

I look forward to working with all of you in the coming year.  Please stay healthy and safe!

Student COVID-19 Pre-Entry Screener
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