The comprehensive school counseling program of Kensington C.A.P.A. is an essential piece in the education of our students. Our duties are driven by the needs of all students in the building. We address the ways in which students need support academically, emotionally, and socially while specifically assisting them in developing a better understanding and acceptance of self. As a counseling program, we guide students in their vision of developing an enhanced understanding of their strengths, interests, values, and aptitudes, while developing their self-worth, as a unique piece of our school’s community. We encourage students to work and explore ways both inside and outside of the school’s community, in which they could experience continued growth personally and academically. The counseling program takes an interest in assisting students in their development of decision making and problem solving skills while also helping them recognize their responsibility and role in their own success. Our efforts are collaborative whereas we involve the school’s community, the family, and community partners while operating in alignment of the Philadelphia School District’s goals and expectations in the development of students who want to achieve and succeed in their educational paths.

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