Academic Information

Academic Support

Students who encounter difficulty in any subject are encouraged to seek help as soon as they detect a problem in a subject by speaking to their teacher, administrator, dean, or counselor. Students in need of extra help in a subject can get the following assistance:

After-School Enrichment Program
Credit Recovery
Response to Instruction and Intervention
Mentoring Program
College Access/Gear Up Center
Peer Tutoring
Peer Mediation

Course Selection

All students in ninth grade are in the Ninth Grade Academy. After ninth grade, students must choose an academic focus through an academy. The academies are:

Visual and Performing Arts

Drawing, Painting, Photography, Chorus, Music Tech, Jazz Band, Drum Line, Drama, and Dance

CTE (Career Technical Education)

Radio Television Film, Commercial and Graphics Art

Credit Recovery

Students who are behind 1-3 credits due to having previously failed courses are eligible for credit recovery.  Students can earn missing credits in order to get back on track for on-time graduation.  Students are expected to complete their high school career in four years.

Grade Values
A    =   90-100

B    =   80-89

C    =   70-79

D    =   60-69

F     =   59 & Below

Graduation Requirements

23.5 credits:  4 English, 3 or 4 Math, 3 or 4 Science (Combined Math and Science must equal 7 credits) 4 Social Studies (African-American History is now mandated), 2 World Languages, 1.5 Health and Physical Education, 2 Arts and Humanities, and 5 Electives (One of the required electives must be one of the following: mathematics, science, international baccalaureate or advanced placement courses).
Must complete a senior project.
Must complete 20 hours of Community Service.
Must pay senior dues.

Students who have not completed the graduation requirements by June 1 may not walk at graduation. All classes must be passed, senior projects must be completed, and senior dues must be paid in full.

Homework Policy

Homework is an important part of every student’s instructional program.  Through homework, classroom instruction is reinforced, high expectations are supported, students are encouraged to be self-directed, and the relationship between the school and the home is strengthened.  The completion of assignments is very important, not only in terms of its effect on a student’s grade, but also as a reflection of a student’s works habits and self-discipline.  As such, it is the responsibility of a student to complete all assignments within the specified time allotted and in a manner that represents the student’s best effort.  Additionally, it is a student’s responsibility to notify his/her teacher, as soon as possible, when he/she is unable to complete a required assignment and the reason(s) for not being able to do so.

Honor Roll

Honor Roll at Kensington CAPA High School consists of two categories: 1st Honors and 2nd Honors. To be eligible for 1st Honors, a student must have all A’s and one B on his/her report card with no 3’s in behavior.  To be eligible for 2nd Honors a student must have a combination of all A’s and B’s or all B’s, and no 3’s in behavior on his/her report card.

Parent Conferences

Parents/guardians are encouraged to contact the school to make an appointment with the teacher, counselor or   administrator with whom they wish to see.  However, to minimize classroom disruptions, conferences are not permitted when a teacher is scheduled to teach a class.

Promotion Requirements

GRADE 9 to 10 requires a minimum of 5 credits

GRADE 10 to 11 requires a minimum of 11 credits

GRADE 11 to12 requires a minimum of 16.5 credits

Graduation – requires a minimum of 23.5 credits

Report Card Conferences

Report card conferences will be held as follows:

From 5:30 P.M. – 7:30 P.M. on the evening following the distribution of the second report card.
All other report card conferences will be scheduled by the school district and can be seen on the calendar.

See the important dates section for more detailed information.

Senior Dues

Senior dues include items such as the cap and gown, yearbook, senior luncheon, senior pins, diploma covers and diploma, and the actual cost of the graduation ceremony.  Dues must be paid in full in order for students to participate in prom and the graduation ceremony.

Senior Project

As a requirement for graduation, all students must complete a Senior Project, which consists of the following components: twenty hours of field work (community service), a research paper, interview, power point, or video presentation, and an oral presentation. This project is to be completed by June 1st of their senior year.  Students will receive information packets in fall of their senior year or upon request, which contain the details for completion of this requirement. Failure to complete a Senior Project will result in failure to graduate and receive a high school diploma.

Special Programs  

Advance Placement Courses

Athletic Programs

College Access

Congreso 21st Century Community Learning Center

ELECT/MARS Program (Teen Parenting)

English Language Learners (ELL) Program

Extra-Curricular Activities /Clubs


Graphics Arts

National Honor Society

Peer Mediation Program/Restorative Practices

Performing Arts (Dance, Theatre, Choir, Music)

Radio-Television-Film Program

Student Government

Student Records

The school has the need to collect and maintain certain information related to the health, education and welfare of its students.  This information is vital to the continuity of the school’s educational program.  Federal and state laws provide safeguards to the privacy of such records and guarantee access to these records by parents or guardians and students.  Parents/Guardians have the right to inspect and review the educational records of the student. A written request for such inspection is to be submitted to the counselor or in the main office.  A parent or guardian who wishes to review the records of a student for whom he/she is responsible should contact the student’s counselor for an appointment or present a written request to the counselor for such an inspection.  Such requests will be granted as soon as possible, but not later than 14 days from the date of the request.  Students under eighteen (18) years of age must have written permission from their parent or guardian prior to viewing their educational record.