About Us

2018 PIAA Champions!

Located at 1901 N. Front Street Philadelphia, PA 19122

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Welcome to our Family.
Everyone at Kensington CAPA is family – from the students and teachers to the community members of Kensington and Fishtown. We all come together to support our students in their learning and creative endeavors because it truly does take a village. Our family is excited to have you here, and we hope that you’ll consider joining us at KCAPA!

Vision Statement:

The Kensington Creative and Performing Arts High School’s vision is for every student to be challenged to his or her fullest potential by requiring them to engage in higher order, analytical and critical thinking skills daily to solve complex problems academically and socially in their pursuit of becoming productive citizens.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Kensington Creative & Performing Arts High School is to provide our students with a rigorous academic program and comprehensive educational experience in a safe, supportive learning environment, which will prepare them for post-secondary studies, careers, and opportunities in the academic and expressive arts fields.

We Believe:

Academic rigor and relevancy is embedded in the teaching and learning environment.
An engaging academic curriculum prepares students for the future.
All students can learn and achieve with authentic relationships and appropriate supports.
Parents and the community are vital members of the school community.
Mutual respect should be demonstrated among all members of the school.
The Arts are a powerful vehicle for motivating students to develop self-awareness and confidence.
The Arts provide an opportunity to explore our creativity, celebrate our cultural heritages and gain a deeper understanding of the world and us.
All Students will be active participants in their education and take ownership of their learning.
Small schools foster and support the academic development and personal growth, leading to graduation and gainful employment.
Students can and will attain and surpass graduation requirements.
Extra curricular activities are essential for personal growth and development.

Our School Expectations


Prepared each day
Respectful of everyone
On time for everything
United as a community
Dedicated to learning