ELA – English Language Arts

The KCAPA English department is dedicated to focusing on college and career readiness  (CCR) for all students through high-quality, standards-aligned instruction designed around Core Actions that encompasses the Shifts in instructional practice required by the college and career-ready Common Core standards.   Students will engage in close reading of complex text to build content knowledge, and writing across the curriculum to enhance their learning and foster intellectual engagement.  Students are challenged to think and make connections through both instructional activities and questioning, to construct logical arguments citing evidence, and to question the thinking of others.  Instructional strategies used by the teacher promote student agency in the learning of challenging content.

Our English department has a dynamic staff that brings a creative and positive energy to teaching and learning.  Current research indicates that students need to engage in independent reading and writing in order to become better critical readers and writers. We also believe that reading core texts allows students to develop their critical thinking and encourages sound decision-making practices through reading, writing, and discussing the ideas in the texts, skills that are essential for the student’s future success.