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We Believe:

●      Academic rigor and relevancy is embedded in the teaching and learning environment.

●      An engaging academic curriculum prepares students for the future.

●      All students can learn and achieve with authentic relationships and appropriate supports.

●      Parents and the community are vital members of the school community.

●      Mutual respect should be demonstrated among all members of the school.

●      The Arts are a powerful vehicle for motivating students to develop self-awareness and confidence.

●      The Arts provide an opportunity to explore our creativity, celebrate our cultural heritages and gain a deeper understanding of the world and us.

●      All Students will be active participants in their education and take ownership of their learning.

●      Small schools foster and support the academic development and personal growth, leading to graduation and gainful employment.

●      Students can and will attain and surpass graduation requirements.

●      Extra curricular activities are essential for personal growth and development.

Administrative Meeting Requests

All school personnel are available by appointment.  Appointments may be scheduled through the Main Office for administrators or directly with a teacher. Please call 215-400-7400 or visit the Office and the secretary will set-up an appointment for you. Please note, administrators are not available when conducting instructional observations, or meetings with staff or students

Title I

Kensington CAPA is a Title I school.  This means that Title I, Part A (Title I) of the Elementary and Secondary   Education Act, as amended (ESEA) provides financial assistance to the school because of the high numbers or high percentages of children from low-income families.  The program is to help ensure that all children meet challenging state academic standards. Federal funds are currently allocated through four statutory formulas that are based primarily on census poverty estimates and the cost of education in each state.


Student attendance and punctuality is critical for academic success. Students who arrive after 7:55 AM will be recorded as late. The first period class begins at 8:00 AM.  A student is considered late if he/she is NOT in the classroom by the time that the second bell rings at 8:00AM, which is the start of the first period class.

Parent Conferences

A student may be issued an EH-42, which is a request for a parent conference.  Although it is not a suspension, the student must return to school accompanied by a parent or guardian.  An EH-42 may be issued by any adult in the school, such as teachers, classroom assistants, and office personnel, as well as administration.  The purpose of an EH-42 is to give both the pupil and parent the opportunity to address concerns and work out solutions with school staff to promote student success. A conference is held to discuss issues such as policy violations, academic concerns, behavior, and attendance. Parents are informed in writing or by phone of all conference requests so that a date and time may be scheduled.

Absence Notes

The following procedures will be applied consistently by the administration and staff when dealing with student absence:

1.        Students who are absent from school must bring a verifiable excuse note on the day of their return to school stating the reason for and the date(s) of the absence.

2.        The note is to be turned in to their advisor. Students must bring in the absence note within three days of the absence according to Pennsylvania State Law. Until such a note is received, a student’s absence will be unexcused.  Failure to produce a proper note will result in a coding of unexcused “parental neglect” absence in the roll book and on the school computer network. A coding of unexcused absence does not allow for a student to make up any missed schoolwork.

3.        Five unexcused absences from any class may result in a failing grade for the quarter.

4.        Students who are unexcused absent for 3 or more days, may be placed in truancy court.

5.        Cumulative unexcused absences will restrict a student’s ability to participate in extra-curricular activities.

6.        Ten consecutive unexcused absences will cause a student to automatically be placed in “Active Office Roll” (AOR) status.  Students placed in AOR status must go through the entire admission process to return to regular status.  There is no guarantee that a student placed in AOR status will be placed in the same program or receive the same roster upon his/her re-admittance to school.

7.        Upon returning to school, students are responsible for making arrangements with their teachers to make up the work that they missed as a result of their absence.  Teachers also share in this responsibility for determining a reasonable and specific time period for the completion of the missed work.

Early Dismissals

According to State Law, all appointments, including medical and dental appointments, are to be scheduled after school hours. Early dismissal will be granted only when the parent/guardian comes to school for the student. Early dismissals are granted for certain types of medical and personal emergencies.

For medical emergencies, see the school nurse. All students being dismissed early for any reason other than participation in athletic events must have a parent or guardian pick them up and sign them out of the main office.  Even if the student is 18 years of age, he/she must be picked up by an approved adult.


A suspension for a period of up to five (5) school days may be given by the dean of students, or principal to a student for committing any act of serious misconduct, as outlined in the School District’s Code of Conduct. The purpose of a suspension is to have both the pupil and parent recognize that the pupil was involved in serious misconduct. A conference is held to discuss the reasons for the suspension and cautioning that the misbehavior must not be repeated. Parents are informed in writing of all suspensions and the date and time for a scheduled reinstatement conference. Continuous violation of the school discipline policy will result in request to transfer student to a remedial discipline school.

Personal Messages

Families are asked not to call the school to deliver personal messages to students during the school day. Office staff is not permitted to interrupt the educational program to deliver messages. However, we understand that emergencies do occur.  In case of an emergency, please call the office and the student will be alerted immediately.

Reinstatement from Suspension

Reinstatements after suspension for disciplinary action will take place by appointment in order to ensure that all parties involved are available.   If you cannot attend the assigned time, call the main office and ask for the dean so that we can accommodate your schedule. The parent/guardian whose name appears on the school records must accompany the student for reinstatement. PHONE REINSTATEMENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED.